“They’re Psychos! They’re Nuts!” Kathy Griffin Launches Disgusting New Attack On Trump’s Family


Kathy Griffin is back in the news insulting President Trump and his family. She made headlines all across the nation when she posed in an ‘ISIS-like’ photo of her holding up a fake decapitated head of President Trump. She claimed it was a joke, and when President Trump was offended by it, she claimed that President Trump was trying to ruin her life because she is a woman.

Now she’s back. Not only did she call President Trump a ‘Nazi’, but she also called his children ‘psychos’. Kathy Griffin shouldn’t be calling anyone a psycho. “There’s a Nazi in the Oval Office. He’s a big liar and everybody should get rid of him soon, not violently. Vote him out,” said Griffin.

“I’m scared of that guy. I was under a two-month Federal investigation for taking a picture of a mask,” said Griffin. “I’m excommunicated from my own country doing a world tour. [Eric Trump and Don Jr.] go on television saying, ‘We don’t want to hurt Kathy Griffin’s career, we want to decimate her’,” she complained.

“These Trump folks self-identify as deplorable. They’re psychos. They’re nuts. I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry we have put this guy on everybody else’s lap. I don’t know what’s happening in my own country,” said Griffin.

“I am going to call him a moron and Nazi … Americans are skittish about calling him a Nazi but he is one,” said Griffin. What is wrong with her?


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