Reporter Virginia Heffernan claims: ‘Donald Trump Jr. Is A Sexual Abuser Just Like His Father, He Once…’

We now live during a time where sins you submit before you’re even mature enough to ride a tricycle could cause issues down the road for you.

As indicated by reporter Virginia Heffernan, previous staff member for Politico and The New York Times (and now host of the “TrumpCast” podcast), Donald Trump Jr. has a rap sheet of abusing ladies, starting at age three when he said to a teacher, “F**k you, b**ch!”

The bombshell revelation of Trump Jr.’s scandalizing behavior at an age when most children are obedient saints comes as a shock to us all.

Heffernan’s confident expression towards America’s First Son came because of a tweet from Bloomerg’s Steven Dennis that insulted Trump Jr. over his “slicl” hair:

More awful still, Trump Jr’s. damaging behavior scarred the educator to the point she quit teaching after that moment. Heffernan clarified the disclosure was not expected as a #MeToo.

The Twitterverse at that point started reverberating with cries of solidarity over Anna’s horrendous abuse on account of a tyke, saying it features how the ultra-rich adventure poor people and enable their kids to run roughshod over individuals:

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