Ralph Northam: ‘Donald Trump Is Like A… He Is Also A Narcissistic Maniac And We Have To…’

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam stated that President Donald Trump is similar to a mentally disabled kid in a recent meeting with The Guardian.

he Guardian asked Ralph Northam how he would function with President Trump when he already criticized the president. Northam stated, “I’m a neurologist, so I’m used to dealing with a lot of different minds – and even being a pediatric neurologist, that gives me more perspective.”

Ralph Northam already criticized the president amid the Democratic primaries. The contender for Virginia representative stated, “I’ve been listening carefully to Donald Trump, and I think he’s a narcissistic maniac.”

Northam additionally guaranteed to keep Trump’s legislative issues “on the other side of the Potomac.”

In a political advertisement, Northam reflected Trump’s way of working and marked himself above governmental issues. Northam stated to Virginians, “As a doctor, nobody ever asks if I’m a Democrat or a Republican; they just want my help.”

Northam included, “So if Donald Trump is helping Virginia, then I’ll work with him.”

Northam at that point stated in a meeting that he has the same opinion about Trump, calling him a “maniac.”

Virginia Democratic State Senator Barbara Favola, who supported Northam, stated that Republicans “are evil, we’re the good guys.” Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe said that Trump is a “goofball”.

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