Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Under Fire for This Four-Word Insult He Threw at WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has received a lot of critics, especially since many people came forward and revealed her scandalous actions.

 White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is well known for her critics against Hillary.It was expected for the press secretary to comment about the fake dossier created against President Donald Trump.According to Independent Journal Review, Sanders commented about the connection between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign to create the fake dossier. This dossier falsely accused Trump of working with Russia in order to win the presidential election.

Sarah tweeted: “Clinton spokesman just said he’s “damn glad” Clinton campaign colluded w/ Russia to spread disinformation about @POTUS & influence election.”

Rep. Ted Lieu couldn’t stay back and remain quiet. He immediately shared a tweet in which he tried to bash her statement. However, he probably wasn’t aware of what he is getting into.

For his insulting sentence, Ted Lieu even tried to blame President Donald Trump. He wrote: “That’s the point. I lifted the phrase from the President of the United States.“



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