Secret Service agents have been placed on high alert after a man jumped the concrete barrier of the White House, and began running towards the historic building. The incident happened earlier today at 9:30 a.m. EST, and even still the government has been eerily silent on exactly what happened at the time.

The incident happened along the south fence of the White House complex, and while no injuries were reported, agents discovered something extremely disturbing. After a crazed lunatic jumped over the concrete barrier, he began rushing towards the White House—he was apprehended, and is currently in custody.

US Secret Service tweeted out several updates today, but the mainstream narrative is still developing. Dozens of reporters and journalists have already tried contacting the White House, Secret Service agents, and other officials, but the government has so far refused to release any more information than the following tweets.

According to the US Secret Service official Twitter account, the  man jumped over the concrete barrier along E Street, which can be seen in the picture below. They immediately apprehended the suspect, confiscated his belongings, and blocked off the same area to prevent any further danger.

What’s strange however, is that the Secret Service reported confiscating a “suspicious package,” and they say that everything has “returned to normal.” This seems to contradict other reports however, who have claimed that the man was carrying something else entirely. It could be coincidence, but many Americans are wondering why the press can’t agree on a story.

Fox News 5, for example, reports the same story as everyone else…that is, until they mention what the man was trying to smuggle into the White House:

 – Secret Service agents say a person was taken into custody after they jumped a concrete barrier at the White House.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. along an area near the south fence of the complex. No injuries were reported. 

Agents say a backpack that was found at the scene of the incident was cleared. The south fence line was closed during the investigation.

Many have been left wondering whether there was a package, a backpack, or both. It’s possible that the US Secret Service twitter account used the term “package” vaguely, but high level security experts have never been known for their ambiguous wording, especially when it comes to something as important as President Trump’s life.

The Secret Service has also yet to reveal what was inside the package this man was trying to get to the White House. Could it have been some form of explosive, such as an improvised bomb? Or maybe it was something far more sinister, and this man was a foreign agent of North Korea, China, or some other country?

In the wake of this security breach, Americans have been desperate for answers—yet it seems that the Secret Service has been keeping the entire event shrouded in a cloak of mystery. This story is still developing, and the journalists at Silence is Consent will update it as new information comes to light.

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