Barack Obama: ‘If Trump Doesn’t Implement… I Swear That I Will…’

After all this time president Donald Trump still refuses to implement the DACA agreement.

This causes a great concern for former president Barack Obama who promised, on a recent press conference, that he will do everything in his power to sanction president Trump for not accepting the DACA agreement.

Obama has put the program in 2012 via an executive order and will probably utilize his social media and his followers to add pressure on president Trump.

Obama’s idea at the moment is to post constantly on Facebook and Twitter, where the previous president has more than 94 million followers.

In his last presidential press conference, he promised that he would stand up if Trump cuts the DACA agreement and that it will be his duty to do so.

He also stated that we need to give an opportunity to all this children because they love America and they have the right to stay here as long as they want.

Trump’s intention to cut DACA has provoked reactions from the two sides of the political wall, including from Republican Rep. James Lankford who expressed that:

“ Trump shouldn’t cut this deal. After all, we as Americans don’t consider youngsters responsible for the activities of their parents.”

There are also many reactions on the social media, including some who noted that “destroying families” is no real way to make America great again.

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