ALERT: Muslim Terrorists Kill 300 People In Car Bombings

Muslim terrorists kill at least 300 people and wound at least 300 more in a car bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia the deadliest bombing in the countries history. The bombs were loaded into a truck and detonated in a very highly populated area.

Somalia’s government has blamed the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group for the attack it called a “national disaster.” However, al-Shabab, which often targets high-profile areas of the capital with bombings, had yet to comment.

“They don’t care about the lives of Somali people, mothers, fathers and children,” Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire said. “They have targeted the most populated area in Mogadishu, killing only civilians.”

Somalia’s information minister, Abdirahman Omar, said the blast was the largest the city had ever seen. “It’s a sad day. This how merciless and brutal they are, and we have to unite against them,” he said, speaking to the state-run radio station.

There is no doubt we need to unite against them. Them being all extremist terrorist groups, this world has no room for those who intentionally want to cause harm to innocent civilians, and put fear in people to further their own twisted goals.

Islamic extremists and terrorist groups kill indiscriminately, and aim to cause the most civilian damage possible, as we know from the recent terrorist attack in Las Vegas. Thoughts and prayers go out to the innocent families affected by this tragedy.

This is why I will never understand why there are those constantly complaining that the U.S. spends too much on it’s defense budget, or that the U.S. helps the rest of the world too much, and we shouldn’t get involved, but how can you see this happening, have the ability to help, and do nothing? The U.S. will continue to fight terrorism as long as it exists, and that might piss off some liberals, but I’m sure the rest of the world is appreciative.


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