Actor Russell Crowe Mocks Donald Trump: ‘Let’s Grab The Night By… Hillary Clinton Deserved To…’

Sometimes Actors may be too arrogant and cheeky.

Russell Crowe tried to make fun of our leader while hosting American Cinematheque Awards Gala, he offended him and then tried to show support for the failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

He’s the Academy Award-winning performing artist who shocked the worldwide audience of with his burly physique in the 2000 movie, Gladiator.

In any case, few months ago, it wasn’t Russell Crowe’s character that set tongues swaying as he emceed the 30th American Cinematheque Awards – it was his dialect.

The 52-year-old New Zealand actor opened the renowned occasion by obtusely proclaiming:

“All right, American Cinematheque, let’s grab the night by the pu**y!”

The unusual comment seemed to mock the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who as of late experienced harsh criticism when allegedly audio recordigs surfaced of him saying when you’re prominent like him, that it’s alright to snatch ladies “by the pu**y”.

Russell at that point went ahead to joke about voting in the US decision, in which Republican candidate Donald Trump won against Democratic applicant Hilary Clinton.

“It’s was a huge year for Donald Trump, he managed to build a victory through a broken voting system, Hillary Clinton was tricked by him,” he joked.


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