Actor Harrison Ford: ‘For The First Time Ever, We Have A President Who…’

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford has just said two words to describe President Donald Trump that will make liberals go insane: “brilliant” and “compassionate.”

Ford, who is a legendary American actor said this while a meeting on Fox and Friends on Fox News recently. He doesn’t agree with the opinion of certain liberals that our leader Donald Trump is “coldhearted” and “uncaring”.

Ford stated: “I feel that the president is certainly fighting for the American cause and I’m not afraid to say what I think.”

He also added: “At first I didn’t like him, but now it seems that he is doing a decent job. In fact, he is doing more than a decent job, to be honest.”

Afterwards he said something epic, that no liberal could expect to hear it by him.

“Trump is a very brilliant man. I believe he is compassionate, for the first time ever we have a President who knows what he is doing and is totally independent.”

Every single time somebody says something complimentary in regards to our wonderful President, Democrats just go crazy and get mad for no reason. They just can’t admit that our President deserves every compliment.

“He’s one of the greatest defenders of non-violent conflict resolution, extending that olive branch,” Ford added. “So everybody in America needs to be behind him and support him in what he’s doing.”



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